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  1. a luggage rack on top of the car;
  2. a convertible top;
  3. one, two or three passengers;
  4. cars of a certain color; or
  5. license plates from your new state.
  • These tips are to assure that your experience within your new city is a safe and positive one. The following points will be very important for you to know and remember.
  • Whenever you travel into any new area, know your complete name and both your parent's full names as well. When exploring the city, it is always important to stay very close to your parents and family, especially in crowded areas.
  • If you will be temporarily staying in a hotel, know the name and telephone number of your hotel. A good idea is to carry a hotel brochure with you or a map that has the hotel circled on it.
  • Keeping a list of phone numbers is very important, especially if you should ever get lost or separated from your family. Write down family names, telephone numbers and addresses as well as the new office telephone numbers for your parents.
  • Know your new school bus number and the exact location of the bus stop. It is a very good idea to do several practice runs from your new home to your bus stop and back before the first day of school. This way you'll remember your new route.

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