How much do you know about Canada? Find out here!

1. How many Provinces and Territories are there in Canada?
a) Eight provinces, and four territories
b)Ten provinces, and three territories
c) Twelve provinces, and one territory
2. What actor/actress from Ontario starred in the mega-hit movies "The Mask" and "Liar, Liar" ?
a) Sonja Smits
b) John Candy
c) Jim Carey
3. Where would you find Canada's largest art collection?  
a) Montreal Art Gallery
b) Ottawa (National Gallery of Canada)
c) Glenbow Museum Calgary
4. Who placed the world's first long distance telephone call in 1876?  
a) Alexander Graham Bell
b) Thomas Edison
c) Charles Best
5. What is Canada's longest river?
a) St. Lawrence River
b) North Saskatchewan River
c) Mackenzie River
6. In 1873, Parliament passed an Act that established the North-West Mounted Police. By what name is this force now known?  
a) Canadian Law Enforcement Department
b) Royal Canadian Mounted Police
c) Canadian Intelligence Security Services
7. Which is Canada's largest Province?  
a) Quebec
b) Alberta
c) Ontario
8. Guy Laliberté is the creator of what world-renown circus?  
a) Cirque du Soleil
b) Cirque de la nuit
9. What Canadian invention first reached into space in 1981 from the American Space Shuttle ?  
a) The Hockey Puck
b) The Canadarm
10. Which is Canada's longest Mountain Range?  
a) The Canadian Shield
b) The Laurentians
c) The Appalachians
d) The Rockies

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