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  • Binding - Study the mover offers a guaranteed price, within a small percentage of deviation that is based on a complete list of items to be moved and the type of service performed.
  • Non-binding or hourly rate - This is not an estimate at all, only a price list. These rates are based upon the movers' previous experience of jobs similar to yours.
  • Not to exceed - This quote is binding only on the mover. The final price for the move cannot exceed the estimate figure; but if the move comes in under the estimated amount you pay the lesser price.

  • Does your company subcontract its moving services?
  • Which subcontractors could be used to move my home?
  • Will the contents of my home be on one truck the entire time? (Moving goods between trucks increases the potential for damage)
  • What services are not listed on this bid, and what do you charge for them? What training do your movers and/or packers receive (especially for packing and moving fragile items)?
  • Can you provide recent references from other customers you've moved?

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