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Settlement/Relocation companies make your transition smooth and less stressful. They offer services that will take that extra worry you have when moving from another location. This is a paid service and the companies will charge you for their services. Before filling in this form you should be in possession of a work/Landed Immigrant Visa if you are coming from outside Canada, as our Settlement/Relocation companies do not deal with the actual process of Immigration.

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0 - 1 Month "RUSH"
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Pre-Arrival & Arrival Package (includes pickup at airport)
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Find & Secure Temporary Accommodation
Assistance with School Registration for children
One Day Orientation Tour of City
Two Day Orientation Tour of City
Real Estate & Mortgage assistance if you are relocating permanently
City Relocation Package



All Relocation/Settlement Companies charge for the services that they provide.
No free information is provided!


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