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The list you sent me regarding apartment rentals is great. All of the sites are very helpful. I will use them for my moving needs.
K. Mandy Bastien, Oakville

"This Website saved me and my family so much time and stress, it was a dream! CRS is certainly the right place for people to find all the information needed when relocating."
Colin Polsky, London, ON

Free Car Moving Quote

I thank you!
what a great list of options you have provided me with for my temporary accommodation search. I could have never found these things on the net myself. Thank you for you kindness.
Regards Adra,

Hi,Thank you,
This is SO VERY helpful!!! I really appreciate your getting back to me so soon. Your website has a wealth of information & is extremely helpful for people such as myself who will be new in Calgary. Thanks very much once again. Have a great day! :)
Regards Sonia

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